Events Manager

Posted on Jun 2018

About the Role:

The Business Agility Institute runs multiple public events around the world each year. We run the global Business Agility Conference in NYC each March, multiple face-to-face events in America and around the world, and monthly online symposiums. Our attendees are mostly senior leaders in their respective organisations. We need an Events Manager to help coordinate and plan each of these events. While programme and facilitator selection is done by volunteers, your role would be to assist in the development of the programme, coordinating with speakers on their travel, selection and negotiation with venues, development of promotional activities, etc.

Primary Responsibilities:

Logistical planning for all Business Agility Institute events including the Business Agility Conference in NYC and both online and face-to-face events around the world Development of promotional activities for all events Liaison with speakers and facilitators Negotiation with and management of hotels on venues Coordination of volunteer activities including the program committee, facilitation squad and conference organisers Supporting post conference activities such attendee mailouts and integrating conference material (e.g. videos) into the business agility library

What you need:

An understanding of business agility would be helpful An ability to travel globally (USA, Australian, India, Europe, etc) to attend and run Business Agility Institute events

About Us

In the modern economy, companies do not have the luxury of stability. The impact of change, both technological and cultural, is greater and faster than ever before. In this environment, the Business Agility Institute was created to support the next generation of companies. Companies that are agile, innovative and dynamic - perfectly designed to thrive in today’s unpredictable markets. Our mission is to represent our members and promote the structure, mindset, and behaviour of an agile organisation. The work of the Business Agility Institute reflects the real-world challenges and issues of our members. Our independence ensures our work can be trusted. Membership in the Business Agility Institute develops professional skills and organisational capabilities. We connect leaders across industries and regions to share their experiences and insights with each other. At the same time, the Institute’s research & education helps organisations to navigate the complex & emerging domain that is Business Agility.

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