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About Us

Fan Tipper is the Australian micro-payment start-up inspiring and enabling mutual gratitude between small businesses and their customers. In this new, cashless world people have stopped tipping. Accelerated by the PIN and chip system, the decline in tip revenue has hit small business hard. We created Fan Tipper because we believe the end of coins shouldn’t mean the end of generosity. Even in a cashless society, small change can still make a big difference. It has been designed for use in cafes and restaurants but we are working towards support for charities, artists, musicians, etc. all with the click of the FanTip button. Don't let amazing go unnoticed.

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Listed Roles

Web Developer

A Web Developer who works on our company website and other projects as needed. An eye for design along with practical web development abilities, working closely with graphic design...


Full Time

Mobile Developer

A qualified Mobile developer who is a key member of our Product development team. You will be working with our engineers to develop and maintain high quality mobile applications....


Full Time

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