The easy way to proactively take care of your career while you are still employed. Take advantage of your position of strength to find roles that are right for you.

Get early access to jobs that will be opening in the future. Instantly inform employers that you are interested, with no obligation.

Why wait until you’re unemployed? Find your career purpose on your own terms.

  • Easy and convenient

    With just one click, instantly notify an employer of your interest in a role. No formal application required.

  • Access a wider range of roles

    Traditional jobs sites only list roles that are open right now.
    We list all the others — the roles that will need filling in the future, including roles that are currently occupied.

  • Get early access and never miss an opportunity

    View a role and register your interest before it becomes vacant.
    Our listings don’t disappear quickly. No rush, no stress.

  • Dream big

    Aspiring to management? Looking for a career change?
    Not in a rush to move on, but willing to talk if the right opportunity arises?
    Plan ahead in your career and don’t just be constrained to what is open right now.

  • Showcase your potential

    CVs are backwards-looking — past achievements only reveal so much.
    A CareerNexus profile highlights who you are and where you want to go in the future.

  • Find the right fit

    Gain the opportunity to communicate with an employer even before a role is officially open.
    Build relationships and make an informed decision before leaving your current job.

  • Always current and confidential

    Employers will always see your latest profile information.
    You control who sees it. Say goodbye to stale CVs!

How We Compare

Be Proactive to Access a Wider Pool of Jobs

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    Search for a role you are interested in.

  • One Click

    Click the Express Interest button to instantly make yourself known to the employer.

  • Get in Early and go from Strength to Strength

    A company may be in touch even before a role is open. Get to know them before you decide to jump ship.

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